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Welcome to Emma Reed Hypnotherapy

Finding balance through change


Whether life is changing around you, or changes are occurring within, sometimes it can be hard to keep balanced and focused.

Women in transition:
Our roles as women change throughout our lives, but it is not always easy to adjust to the new expectations each stage brings. Whether you need help to cope with the daunting freedom of retirement or children leaving home, or with the sudden limitations of a new family or sick relative, hypnotherapy will empower you to find new options and solutions. In a safe and supportive therapeutic alliance you can discover what it is you really want and need, working through whatever it is that holds you back and confidently stepping out on a new path of freedom and fulfilment.

I offer somatic-processing and emotion-based progressive therapeutic hypnotherapy to help you transition into a new phase of life by overcoming fear and self-worth issues.

Registrant member of The National Hypnotherapy Society.
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