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About Emma Reed Hypnotherapy

Emma Reed Dip Hyp CS MHS
Progressive Therapeutic Hypnotherapy

Emma Reed HypnotherapyMy name is Emma, and I am an experienced hypnotherapist working in Ledbury and Malvern. I am warm and personable, open and non-judgemental, and my intention is to understand what is happening in your life from your point of view and empower you to make changes for the better.

I practise progressive therapeutic hypnotherapy with an emphasis on self-care, and on uncovering and restructuring negative emotions and beliefs that have been holding you back. Working over a series of sessions you will approach the same issue from the somatic and emotional perspectives, exploring past experiences that may have contributed. By using the powerful gift of the unconscious mind, which contains answers beyond your rational abilities, you can start to make choices that positively impact your life.

Hypnotherapy is typically a short-term therapeutic process promoting self-care strategies. Progressive therapeutic hypnotherapy focuses on uncovering and restructuring negative emotions and beliefs that have been holding you back.

What can you achieve with hypnotherapy?

Deactivate the fight-or-flight stress/anxiety response for deep relaxation.
Cultivate an inner sense of safety and strength.
Explore and update automatic negative emotions and thoughts.
Determine what you really want from your current life circumstances.
Establish realistic strategies and responses that inspire you.
Experience a more loving and accepting relationship with yourself.

I work in private practice with individuals and groups, offer deep relaxation workshops, run carers’ hypnotherapy support groups and have a complete corporate package available on request.

I am also fully qualified as a counsellor. I work in private practice, run a social enterprise counselling outreach project and volunteer in a counselling agency in Malvern. For more information about counselling visit

Registrant member of The National Hypnotherapy Society.
Find me at: The National Hypnotherapy Society, Hypnotherapy Directory and Find A Therapy
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