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Time is such an interesting phenomena. Most of us don’t have enough of it. We waste time, spend time or while away the hours. All the while probably not engaged in what is happening around us at all. Many of these thought patterns are often negative too, which further take away from our ability to enjoy the moment we are actually in. You may, for example, find yourself reliving an old problem or worrying away over something that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe not even noticing the gorgeous weather outside, or the kind gestures from those around you.

Not only does this negatively colour your experience in the moment, but it also has a profound impact on the kind of day or week or year you are going to have. These negative thoughts can prevent you from making positive changes in your life. They can lead to missed opportunities. Or, at the very least you can accumulate even more negative feelings and emotions. For some people in this vicious cycle of negative thought, their experience of the quality of their life is very low and they often feel stuck and helpless as a result.

There is a good reason for the tendency to negative thought, and it’s called survival. Evolution has equipped us with brains that scan the horizon for things that stand out, that are strange to us, and which may pose a threat to our well-being. However, this function of our mind responds in the same way to our thoughts as it does to external situations. Those spiralling negative thoughts create a sense of alarm in the body, adrenalin is released, and the ‘fight or flight’ response is in full flow.

When in panic mode, the mind focuses in on the potential threat, and is unable to resond to other factors in the surrounding environment. The mind cannot take in new information, and is likely to perceive any actions from others as hostile. In such a state, it is unlikely that a person is able to perform their best in their lives.

This is where therapies that work on changing thoughts come in very useful. Obviously I am promoting the benefits of hypnotherapy, but other treatments, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, positive thinking therapies and EFT can be extremely beneficial too. Some of these directly challenge the reality of the thoughts you are having, for example questioning whether it really is as bad as you think it is, or finding whether there are alternative explanations for a situation. Other therapies bring the thoughts into conscious awareness and follow them through to their illogical conclusions. Doing this with someone else as a witness can often help to release you from the intense grip of spiralling negative thoughts.

Hypnotherapy is different. First, it relaxes the body. The physiological ‘flight or fight’ response is deactivated, making it easier to absorb new information, to see things in a different light. Then, communication with the subconscious mind, which is the one that does all the worrying, is made easier, more direct. Beliefs that might otherwise cause a person to reject an idea out of hand are subdued for a while, making it possible for new beliefs to be at least considered and then adapted to if they are a match.

For example, a person who believes they are ‘ugly’ is unlikely to receive a compliment well, perhaps throwing it off with a ‘oh you’re just being nice’. Believing that someone really thinks they look good conflicts with their belief of being ugly. In hypnosis it is possible to hold conflicting beliefs at once, providing the unconscious part of the mind to decide which one it prefers. Typically, it will choose the belief that is most beneficial for you.

So relaxation and changing beliefs… very useful. What is even more powerful though, is constructively using the capacity of the mind to respond to thoughts as if they are real events. This is how hypnotherapy can drastically change your life for the better.

Have you ever had an idea for something you would like to achieve? No, not just an idea, but a burning desire to get or do or become something? Have you ever felt the pleasure in taking the steps that help you achieve your goal? Have you ever felt the excitement of getting closer to accomplishing what you set your heart on, knowing that you have achieved this all by yourself on your own merits? What is it that made this possible, that made it so easy?


Having a positive vision of the future, firmly fixed not only in your mind but in your emotions too, can make the steps to achieving it so easy they are almost automatic. It becomes easy. It becomes a pleasure.

With hypnosis, you allow the unconscious mind the opportunity to create, explore, investigate, develop and to emotionally engage with a postive vision or goal. Conflicting beliefs are suspended, giving your mind the opportunity to really go into the details. The boost to your imagination corresponds to the boost in positive emotions, as the idea of your desire is given as much attention as if it were real right now. And the mind responds to this idea as if it were reality. With this goal firmly fixed in your mind, your automatic behavious will support you in making it a reality, and it will be a pleasure to do it.

Time, then, if it is to support us, is something to be played with in a positive and constructive manner. Yes think about the future, but make it a positive future that you would really like to have. Make believe, dream big dreams, feel them as if they were true right now and watch as your actions create that dream before your eyes. And if you use hypnotherapy to support you in that process, the results will be phenomenal.